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250 µm PFA Buffered Fiber
Act now and get the 250 µm VHM5000 Carbon/Silicone/PFA coated fiber at extremely attractive pricing! This high-temp, reduced diameter fiber is compatible with the 250 µm telecom standard for easy handling and stripping. Complete benefits include: 

  • 250 µm OD – Compatible with Telecom fibers dimensions
  • 250 µm OD – Connectorization/Termination with established methods
  • Ultimate H2 resistance of the VHM5000 glass chemistry
  • Excellent strippability
  • 200°C rating (up to 240°C for short excursions)
  • Hermetic carbon coating
  • Prooftested at 150 kpsi
  • Low friction and chemically inert coating

Disclaimer: If this optical fiber is intended to be used in cable form, please consult your cable partner to insure suitability