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Optical Ground Wire

OPGW takes advantage of a utility’s transmission right of way to transmit large amounts of data. It also protects the phase conductors and electrical infrastructure from lightning strikes and fault currents. 

The correct OPGW configuration is critical and specific to each unique application. Though there are many OPGW configurations, each one begins with one of the following basic designs. 

Preferred for its central aluminum pipe and color-coded fiber optic buffer tubes, AlumaCore provides the optimum fiber protection as well as long term reliability.

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Preferred for its compact size and ability to house up to 96 fibers in a 12mm diameter, CentraCore's small profile is an exceptional solution for the diameter and weight concerns on many of today’s overloaded transmission towers.

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This design utilizes fiber-bearing stainless steel tubes stranded alongside aluminum clad steel and/or aluminum alloy wires to create a multi-layer cable design suitable for a variety of environmental and geographical conditions.

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