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FOCIS Lightning is a compact self-contained inspection probe that captures the entire MPO end-face image in less than two seconds from power-on. One button provides auto-focusing, centering and pass/ fail analysis at the connector and individual fiber level. It can complete a 24-fiber MPO inspection task in less than 15 seconds. FOCIS Lightning scans single-fibers in <2 seconds. Results can be easily shared via USB, WiFi and Bluetooth® for reporting and archiving.

For a limited time, AFL is including a free upgrade to its award-winning FOCIS Lightning inspection probe. The upgrade includes a single-fiber adapter, your choice of two tips and a One-Click® cleaner. This special offer makes FOCIS Lightning your all-in-one fiber inspection solution. Offer good on new purchases of FOCIS Lightning and cannot be combined with other offers.

Tether-free, ultrafast MPO/MTP Connector Inspection Probe
When MPO inspection is lightning fast
There's no excuse for <100% inspection.